A new home for an old blog symbolised by a welcome home mat.

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A new home for an old blog


This blog looks the same, but it doesn’t quite feel right, does it? Even if you’re a regular visitor of my blog, you might not have noticed the change. I’ve moved my blog to a new domain – a new home for an old blog. Now it sits alongside my professional website, reducing the domain clutter that exists in my life, and helping to consolidate my profile. This also accompanies a change of hosts, from my old provider to DigitalOcean with Cloudflare CDN.

If you’re reading this and you’re new here, welcome! Take a moment to learn a little about me, or take a look at some of my best articles, found below.

There might be a few teething issues as I fine tune my WordPress setup, alter my theme and plugins, and work with the new hosting platform and CloudFlare to squeeze the best possible performance out of my blog.

Stick around for more interesting articles coming soon. If you enjoy what you see, join me and several others in my Discord server. You are all most welcome.

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