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Hearts of Iron IV: Female Leaders Mod (Version 1.1.0)


When I play games, I have a tendency to play female characters whenever I can. This preference is sometimes impossible to achieve; there are plenty of games out there that don’t have female protagonists. That’s perfectly fine. The opportunity presents itself, however, to mod Hearts of Iron 4 to use female leaders instead of male ones. And thus, the Female Leaders mod was born.

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Version 1.1.0 – The British Empire

Please note that South Africa has no female leaders in this match, and some countries are missing some leaders. This is due to a lack of available information on women in these countries during this time period. If you have any suggestions or research material, please comment below.


  • Replaces Eric Campbell (Fascist) with Irene Longman, the first woman elected to the Queensland Legislative Assembly.
  • Replaces John Curtin (Democratic) with Enid Lyons, the first woman elected to the House of Representatives of Australia.
  • Replaces Richard Dixon (Communist) with Adela Pankhurst, co-founder of the Communist Party of Australia.
  • Replaces Rod Hull (Non-aligned) with Zara Hore-Ruthven, wife of the 1st Earl of Gowrie, 10th Governor-General of Australia.

British Malaya:

  • Replaces Sir Shenton Thomas (Democratic) with Lucy Montgomery, wife of Sir Thomas.

British Raj:

  • Replaces V. D. Savarkar (Fascist) with Kalyani Sen, an officer of the WRINS (Women’s Royal Indian Naval Service).
  • Replaces B. P. Sitaramayya (Democratic) with Sarojini Naidu, an independence activist.
  • Replaces Lord Linlithgow (Non-aligned) with Marchioness Linlithgow, wife of Lord Linlithgow.


  • Replaces Mackenzie King (Democratic) with Agnes Macphail, the first female member of the House of Commons of Canada.
  • Replaces Tim Buck (Communist) with Rae Luckock, a socialist elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

New Zealand:

  • Replaces Michael Joseph Savage (Democratic) with Elizabeth McCombs, the first woman elected to the Parliament of New Zealand.
  • Retains Elsie Farrelly (Communist) with an updated portrait to match the other portraits introduced by this modification.


  • Updated for 1.7.* compatibility.

Version 1.0.1 – The Majors: Non-Aligned Edition


  • Adds Empress Tiedemann (Non-Aligned), wife of the Henry VI, Legitimist pretender to the French throne.

German Reich:

  • Adds Empress Viktoria Luise (Non-Aligned), Duchess consort of Brunswick.


  • Adds Queen Marie (Non-Aligned), Queen consort of Italy.


  • Adds Empress Nagako (Non-Aligned), Empress consort of Japan.

Soviet Union:

  • Adds Empress Olga (Non-Aligned), sister of Tsar Nicholas II.

United Kingdom:

  • Adds Queen Elizabeth (Non-Aligned), The Queen Mother.

United States:

  • Adds Queen Gladys (Non-Aligned), member of the Vanderbilt family, wife of Count Széchenyi.

Version 1.0.0 – The Majors (Release)


  • Replaces Édouard Daladier (Democratic) with Irène Joliot-Curie, daughter of Marie and Pierre Curie.
  • Replaces de Gaulle with Marguerite Durand, a French suffragette.
  • Replaces Maurice Thorez (Communist) with Suzanne Lacore, a French socialist politician.
  • Replaces Philippe Pétain (Fascist) with Josée Laval, daughter of the Prime Minister of Vichy France.

German Reich:

  • Replaces Konrad Adenauer (Democratic) with Gertrud Bäumer, a German suffragette.
  • Replaces Wilhelm Pieck (Communist) with Hilde Benjamin, an East German Minister of Justice.
  • Replaces Adolf Hitler (Fascist) with Jutta Rüdiger, head of the Bund Deutscher Mädel.


  • Replaces Ferruccio Parri (Democratic) with Queen Elena, Queen consort of Italy (1900-1946).
  • Replaces Palmiro Togliatti (Communist) with Carla Capponi, an Italian revolutionary.
  • Replaces Benito Mussolini (Fascist) with Edda Mussolini, daughter of Benito Mussolini.


  • Replaces Tetsu Katayama (Democratic) with Kato Shidzue, first woman elected to the Imperial Diet of Japan.
  • Replaces Kyuichi Tokuda (Communist) with Raicho Hiratsuka, Japanese anarchist.
  • Replaces Hirohito (Fascist) with Yanagiwara Byakuren, cousin of Emperor Taisho.

Soviet Union:

  • Replaces Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky (Democratic) with Yekaterina Dmitriyevna Kuskova, a revolutionary politician.
  • Replaces Joseph Stalin (Communist) with Aleksandra Kollontai, a Soviet Politician and Diplomat.
  • Replaces Konstantin Rodzaevsky (Fascist) with Ariadna Vladimirovna Tyrkova, a revolutionary politician.

United Kingdom:

  • Replaces Stanley Baldwin (Democratic) with Nancy Astor, first British sitting female Member of Parliament.
  • Replaces Ranjai Palme Dutt (Communist) with Ellen Wilkinson, a Labour politician.
  • Replaces Oswald Mosley (Fascist) with Diana Mitford, wife of Oswald Mosley.

United States:

  • Replaces Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democratic) with Hatte Caraway, first American woman to serve a full senate term.
  • Replaces Earl Browder (Communist) with Ella Reeve Bloor, an American socialist and union activist.
  • Replaces William Dudley Pelley (Fascist) with Gladys Pyle, first American woman to serve as a Republican senator.

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