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Introducing Project Licenser, a license selection tool


There are a few resources out there to help you license your projects, but they all have flaws. Some of them are uncompromising, but complex. Others are curated, but refuse to provide recommendations. They can be clunky, or they can refuse to recommend licenses that they didn’t write. Project Licenser resolves all of those issues.

Project Licenser ( is a dynamic, curated, and straightforward tool that helps you pick a license for your project. It supports both software projects and creative projects, and it encompasses the entire range of options, from proprietary copyright to the freest of free software licenses.

It uses a decision tree to direct you towards the license that’s most appropriate for your use case. Software developers can expect to be asked about the nature of their requirements regarding patents, copyleft, and other pertinent issues. Everyone else is covered too, with licenses covering the breadth of the free culture movement, from Creative Commons to the FreeBSD Documentation License. Project Licenser will leave you free to focus on what matters – your product.

Project Licenser is also free software, licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0. You can contribute to the project, download the source code, and modify it under the terms of the license. The source is currently hosted on GitHub.

Project Licenser even chose its own license! Try it out/a> the next time you need to pick a license or share it with others that are embarking upon that path today.

Before using Project Licenser, please take note of our legal disclaimer.

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