FreeBSD is a Berkeley Software Distribution operating system derived from Unix®. Built upon the work originally done by the University of California’s Computer Systems Research Group, it is today is a widely-used operating system that focuses on stability, speed, and having all of the features required to perform any task expected of it. Used by organisations and companies ranging from the Apache Software Foundation to Netflix, with some of it’s code included in a wide variety operating systems from macOS to Windows. FreeBSD, and the related OpenBSD, NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD, are mainstays of the world of computing and the services that we use on a daily basis.

Articles and Tutorials

As more content is added to Rauchland, the list below will continue to grow!

  1. Installing FreeBSD Step-by-Step: A gentle installation guide for users who have never encountered the operating system before.
  2. Configuring FreeBSD for Desktop Usage with Window Maker: A tutorial exploring X11, Window Maker, and a graphical login manager. Now with added doas and Vim!
  3. Coming Soon: Essential software for daily FreeBSD use.

As well as my own content, I’ll be sharing some third-party content that I find valuable: